Artech (Live Streaming Event Coordinator, E3)

June 2015

Independent contractor responsible for monitoring the health of Youtube partner streams during E3 2015 events including Sony and IGN. Work included coordinating closely with partners to troubleshoot production errors on their streams/channels, and escalating issues to senior staff/engineering teams. 

Rare Collectibles TV LLC. (Technical Director, Broadcast Engineer, Post-Production Supervisor)

December 2013-Present

Worked to design and build a new broadcast facility including placement of lighting grids, cable feeds, equipment racks, and complete HD control room including multiple patchbays, media servers, and audio equipment. Spearheaded transitioning a primarily live network to an exclusively post-produced workflow, including establishing standards and workflows between onsite and offsite editors. Day to day responsibilities include maintaining 2000+ mezzanine file archive, doing R&D work for modernization, creating weekly content, and consultation on specifications. 

Web series “Feast of Fiction” (Editor) 

      December 2013-2014 

Responsible for synching, editing, and light sound processing for bi-weekly series.  Work also included cutting sit-down interviews and behind the scenes footage. Ability to coordinate with and take direction from the director was essential to completing projects on time for release.

Art & Coin Television  (Camera Operator/Technical Director/Director)

February 2011-March 2014 

Responsible for performing various production roles for a satellite based home shopping network. Began working at the company as a camera operator and was promoted to directing entire production staff for live broadcasts.  Work required extensive multi-tasking, performing role of technical director, audio technician, editor, and director.  Gained broad knowledge of studio upkeep by maintaining cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment on a daily basis. Position required operation of multiple VTR decks and media servers for pre-taped broadcasts. Effective use of time-management and communication between talent and production staff was critical to achieve goals. 

Skill Proficiencies

-    Operating both live broadcast and post-production workflows, including both tape, tape-less, and live-stream workflows
-    Editing a variety of project formats including long form film, web series, infomercials, and commercials.
-    Multi-tasking, troubleshooting, and filling various production roles simultaneously in live production environments.
-    Proficiency with a variety of editing suites/software including Premiere and Creative Cloud applications, FCP7 and some experience with AVID.
-    Experience performing post-production QC, including working with a large range of Codecs, Standards and Audio mixing


Editor and Technical director/Production Generalist with experience editing and directing for a small scale broadcast network looking to further expand into the post-production industry.  
Has efficient time management skills and experience troubleshooting and adapting to changing work conditions.  Past work has included taking individual initiative and use of limited resources to accomplish production goals.